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Tullow OilTullow Oil plc (Tullow) is an United Kingdom -based company engaged in oil and gas exploration, development and production and the sale of hydrocarbons and related activities. It operates in three geographical segments: Europe, South America and Asia; West and North Africa and South and East Africa. The Company has interests in over 100 production and exploration licences in 22 countries and focuses on four core areas: Africa, Europe, South Asia and South America.

Tullow Oil is trading below the moving 50 day average and below the moving 200 day average on below-average volume.
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  • OPEC announcement by SilverSnout
    Thu, 27 Nov 2014 06:09:00 GMT

    Low oil prices for years to come could finish this hopeless oilie. Ghana production can be sold for 3 or 4 squids if they quick. Rest ain't worth a duck. Maybes Tweeks POG was just hittin the oil price right. Big fellas ex mates at golf club gonna be grumblin for ever. Finger on the trigger read to make more dineros. $ilver$nout. By SilverSnout
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  • Re: Insider trading ! by jontee
    Thu, 27 Nov 2014 00:06:00 GMT

    Lost it, Turkey of the year etc!

    Mr X1kettle ...blackpot!
    Rearrange, if you know how, to see yourself!
    By jontee
  • Re: Insider trading ! by MisterX1
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 18:32:00 GMT

    You have lost it bmryou really have.

    Shame you have already been vested with a life long title of Turkey of the Year - otherwise you'd be number one ....

    Take MisterX1's advice and go and lay downnow there's a good boy.... By MisterX1
  • RNS - Capital Increase Their Stake in Tullow by carliol
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 17:03:00 GMT

    Afternoon All,

    Capital obviously have tremendous confidence in the future of Tullow. They have just bought a further 5.5 million shares in Tullow to take their holding to just over 9% of the company.

    This is in addition to the increase in their stake in Tullow, reported last week, of just over 2 million shares to just over 8% of the company. ( See my post last Friday at 11.58am)

    Food for thought??


    Carliol By carliol
  • TLW's Namibia 31% interest by jontee
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 15:09:00 GMT

    taken from "Another site". Bloomberg 25 Nov 2014.
    ...."withdrawing to concentrate on bigger projects elsewhere in Africa" of particular interest.

    Namibia says 12 companies have expressed interest in taking Tullow Oil Plc (TLW)’s stake in the $2 billion Kudu gas project.

    “There has been enormous interest in the project,” Obeth Kandjoze, managing director of Namibia’s National Petroleum Corp., known as Namcor, said today in an interview in Windhoek. “We are processing information from 12 companies which have expressed interest so far and setting up dates for meetings.”

    Namibia is seeking investors for the 31 percent stake after Tullow said it was in talks with the government about withdrawing to focus on bigger projects elsewhere in Africa. Itochu Corp., which holds 15 percent, hasn’t said yet whether it will retain its stake, Kandjoze said. Namcor may take up more equity if Itochu withdraws.
    By jontee
  • Re: Insider trading ! by brummell
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 14:07:00 GMT

    "" Manipulation is rarely effective against the trend."

    Even IF that statement were true...."

    Interesting that you dispute my statement X1/SS. So, you believe that manipulation can be effective against the trend. Perhaps you are right on that, if enough effort and resources are put into it (such as 4.5 years of dedicated effort and a lot of hard trading). By brummell
  • Re: Insider trading ! by MisterX1
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 13:52:00 GMT

    "What also has to be taken into account is the fact that, if the information is true and confirmed beyond doubt, then the company has a legal obligation to disclose it publicly without undue delay, especially if the information has been leaked"
    There is a total risk of lack of governance with companies and the select few who know these things BEFORE it becomes public - hence they are the most likely culprits of any "insider trading" allegations. Probably many get away with it too - rather like secrets kept within secret societies and difficult for anyone to detect.

    " Manipulation is rarely effective against the trend."

    Even IF that statement were true, in tlws case its plain for all to know the reasons for the SP demise - and NOT manipulation. Even a blind man can see that.

    By MisterX1
  • Re: Insider trading ! by brummell
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 13:19:00 GMT

    Just for the record, in general terms someone only guilty of insider trading if they trade on first hand knowledge or receive information that was solicited with the intention of informing their trade. The detail is more complex that that of course but you are probably not guilty of insider trading if, for example, you can show that you honestly overhead a conversation or accidentally saw a document left on a restaurant table. If shingokingo's account is true then he has actually done a commendably public spirited thing by putting the information into the public domain. Just as he made a decision about the validity of the information, so must others who hear what he says. His informer is not guilty of insider dealing unless he traded on it himself or he provided the information with the express intention of informing a trade. If shingokingo's story is untrue then he is almost certainly guilty of attempting to manipulate the market (perhaps a reason why the derampers we see here are so reluctant to provide hard facts or any clear evidence or references to back up their statements).

    What also has to be taken into account is the fact that, if the information is true and confirmed beyond doubt, then the company has a legal obligation to disclose it publicly without undue delay, especially if the information has been leaked. If we do see information as described in the not so near future then the conversation reported by shingokingo will throw suspicion not on him but on the company, for delaying their announcement (unfortunately, even if that delay was intended as a bear trap).

    It could be, of course, that the informant is closer to the information than the management and that it has yet to be fully digested by the BoD, but that should be done without undue delay and a statement issued as soon as possible.

    All the above imho of course, but I agree that it looks as though there is a big buyer active in the market and we have seen evidence of that in recent statutory notifications. The other evidence that I have pointed out previously may be circumstantial, but it points in the same direction. I would add that there seems to have been a markedly reduced volume of trades marked as "unknown" on days when the price has been stable or rising on news, suggesting that there have been fewer trades reported from dark pools on those days. Manipulation is rarely effective against the trend. By brummell
  • Re: Insider trading ! by Doodlebugger
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 13:06:00 GMT

    Yor friend didn't indicate which country or well this oil may be in? It is in a well, isn't it? By Doodlebugger
  • Re: Insider trading ! by Cashman103
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 11:22:00 GMT

    "There are people out there buying on a persistant basis even when the shares are taking a hit"

    Of course there will be people buying. No one could sell if no one bought lol I`d rather be buying than selling at this price. Unless there is something better to buy of course. By Cashman103
  • OPEC latest - no cut! by jontee
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 10:10:00 GMT

    Saudi oil minister confirms very unlikely to cut production at tomorrow's meeting in Vienna.
    Russians state they are no bothered!

    Source: Bloomberg - Interview 5 mins ago. By jontee
  • Re: Insider trading ! by fortunatas
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 09:25:00 GMT

    it means they think Tullow is fair price, based on previous price trend. expect lower oil price to continue as it seems the ruskys are ready for a price war and OPEC will struggle to do anything different than now.

    Always worry when someone mentions a 'friend of a friend,' its not a good thing to say. Better just give your opinion. By fortunatas
  • Insider trading ! by shingokingo
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 09:08:00 GMT

    If I was so lucky, I spend most of my live on the outside catching a cold.
    Like most people I visit this site for any tip bits of info;
    There are a lot of negative posts from 'people on the ground'
    This ones positive from the air;( could be hot air); Totally accidental encounter
    with a friend of a friend.
    Maybe I am living in hope, but I also get the feeling that that despit the barrage of recent negative head winds Tullow is taking off. Maybe the insiders know something us outsiders did not ?
    There are people out there buying on a persistant basis even when the shares are taking a hit;
    I have not seen this trend for a couple of years, I think it means something.
    Yes its a bit of gossip,but I am also investing on what I see happening.
    I rest my case. By shingokingo
  • Re: A wise punter writes from HCMC by fortunatas
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 09:04:00 GMT

    It appears you would have scored an E for English language By fortunatas
  • A wise punter writes from HCMC by SilverSnout
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 08:54:00 GMT

    Bmmr, you owe us a humble apology. You said I said oilie tlw is a buy at 7 squids. No. I said tlw ain't fallin to Tweek level of 350 but ain't goin long. I said it be bouncin around the 500. But if it things do go against it like oil price, ten problems it could be worthless and that is true and lookin more likely. I said FG, ug, Namibia, Mauritania, Kenya, uk, artic ain't worth a duck. All true. It's time a scoundrel admitted defeat and bowed to betters. An we got the dineros to prove it. ROFLMAO. $ilver$nout By SilverSnout
  • RE: Opec by JJSS
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 22:34:21 GMT

    I posted this yesterday, but let's see how much of 6th sense one may have: If OPEC does not cut supply tomorrow, TLW will nosedive. By how much , I cannot say, it may be as RMG the other day or TCG today, or just drifting lower and lower. Whatever, it will be nice to watch. If OPEC does cut supply, TLW may become buoyant for a few minutes, next day will still be drifting down. Read that some think , posts annoy shorters... I doubt anything can annoy me. Everyone is free to post anything they like, preferably with some sense and sensibility , of course and on toppic. We all can only learn from each other. No one is an enemy here, nothing depends on us. SP will do what ever it does however much we may post on bb, just like discussing the weather will not bring more sunshine tomorrow. GLA!
  • jep by Cognito
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 22:21:38 GMT

    Since you have hit the filter button you wont see this will you stupid tw#T.
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 19:58:45 GMT

    Freemoney, If you wish to subscribe, I will certainly take your dosh! No rubber cheques though, only cash. Sorry if my posting was OTT. I had planned it to be my last ever message on this BB, but I could not resist this reply! My OTT post was actually aimed at the de-rampers/shorters, who frequent this BB. I enjoy annoying them, by quoting all the positive news etc, that I can find, and spoiling their day. LOL The worst ones on here are "forcebewithyou", and his gormless sidekick "cognito", but there are others! I filtered them all out, so I don't know if they are still around. I hope not! If you go back a few weeks, you will find some nasty, mudslinging exchanges between "force" and myself. So senseless were these postings, that one very angry person compared us to "Beavis & Butthead, with the integrity of Jimmy Savile". I fully accept the "Beavis & Butthead" comparison, but certainly not JIMMY SAVILE! As I prefer to "Read" BB's, rather than "Post" on them, I am taking an early retirement. Freemoney. You seem to enjoy supplying this BB with TLW news etc, so you have now been promoted to No.1 enemy of the de-rampers/shorters. I'll switch the lights off on the way out. LOL Best of luck! So I'm off for good, and I leave you to control
  • FYI by Freemoney
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 11:57:28 GMT


  • RE: corlis38 by Freemoney
    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 09:37:09 GMT

    I'm keen on this stock and see it recovering, but JEP you sound like you're about to ask us to sign up to your exclusive subscription service that will give us all the info we need for a low monthly cost...
  • bye by Cognito
    Tue, 25 Nov 2014 21:39:47 GMT

    Force see you soon old boy
  • Opec by JJSS
    Tue, 25 Nov 2014 19:42:55 GMT

    If they don't reach agreement to cut down on supply, TLW will plummet. If reverse, SP won't jump by that much, IMO. Jep123 sounds like a salesman. Are you working for Tullow? Or a broker who has an excess Tullow share? Just wondering , no offence intended!
  • corlis38 by JEP123
    Tue, 25 Nov 2014 16:19:18 GMT

    Good afternoon! Thank you for your morning comments corlis38. You have obviously discovered that Tullow Oil is an excellent investment. TLW has massive cost saving plans in action, which is transforming it from a "Wildcat explorer" (Very costly), into an established "producer" of oil (Very much cheaper). These current money saving plans will show in TLW's accounts 2015/6, and the bottom line profit will rise dramatically. The stock market itself, & investors, are very pleased with the plans. They are now piling back in! Tullow Oil has stated that they will be "Cash surplus" by 2016! (No debt, & More profit). TLW owns huge reserves in several parts of Africa. A few years back, they discovered approx 1.7 BILLION barrels of "recoverable oil" in Uganda! (Yes, BILLIONS). Together with 2 other major oil partners, TLW is investing money into this project, which when completed, will bring in enormous revenues for many years! Earlier this year, an agreement was made with the Ugandan Government, for the 3 partners to lay an oil pipe to a Port for direct oil export. They will also build an oil refinery to supply Uganda, and surrounding countries with refined oil products. However, they are still finding, and producing lots of oil in other (low risk) parts of the world. (Mostly on-shore locations). So now, is a sensible time to own TLW shares! They are well funded, with a great future. The clever money is buying in! (Blackrock, Capital Group etc) Tullow Oil is collectively regarded by all Brokers as a "Buy, Hold, or Add", with no "Sells" (DYOR) Although the oil price may be a future issue, we should still expect the SP to rise to £7+ in the mid term, (Check the Broker's views) So, wait for a 40% increase (As corlis3 mentioned this morning), and collect a 4%+ dividend at the same time! Tullow Oil is a well run, profitable FTSE100 Company. Not a risky "AIM" share!
  • RE: jjss by marketmakers
    Tue, 25 Nov 2014 09:17:04 GMT

    This is gong back down for sure, 350p then 300p possibly, oil is not going to go up significantly for a couple of years
  • Brokers by JJSS
    Tue, 25 Nov 2014 00:25:22 GMT

    I can see where they are visionine their 700 - it's all from the charts. But you reckon 458 or thereabout any significant figure?
  • RE: Which way now? by JJSS
    Mon, 24 Nov 2014 23:43:06 GMT

    SP never been so lower in 5 years, so not possible to draw long lines as per force's explanation on barc bb. Looking at candles, double dip recently, today may be start of the reversal downwards = triple dip. If it breaks through 458, it will drop further down. If it bounces, bull as per brokers 700p Is that what you mean, force?
  • JJSS by corlis38
    Mon, 24 Nov 2014 21:45:32 GMT

    Im in BP BIG time, but this share is certainly hotting up especialy now with good broker ratings for a 40% rise.
  • force by Cognito
    Mon, 24 Nov 2014 19:18:22 GMT

    Whats cooking
  • Which way now? by JJSS
    Mon, 24 Nov 2014 18:35:02 GMT

    I know force is a bear, the brokers are bullish. I can see it falling to mid 400, but those brokers' predictions are a bit scary for a short. On the other hand I don't believe there wild projections of 700+ Had a small short today, £1k , If only it was that easy to predict direction!!!
  • RE: I'm short by DRGekko
    Sun, 23 Nov 2014 09:59:19 GMT

    Averaging down